Hi everyone,

I've been so quiet this month, I know! And it'll probably be the same next month, too, as I'm taking part in NaNoWriMo - I must be bonkers. Anyway, I have some links to share:

I'm blogging at Long and Short Reviews Halloween Blogfest and giving away a copy of one of my Halloween related books:


I'm at also Dirty Birdies, dishing the dirt on how to find me online, as well as a special offer on one of my books:


And last, but definitely not least, I hope you'll check out the fundraiser that's been put together for fellow writer, Sommer Marsden. Her husband is currently kicking cancer's arse, but their insurance company is refusing to pay out, and they're down to a portion of hubby's salary. So a bunch of authors are raising cash to help Sommer and her family pay for food, utilities, etc. I hope you'll check out the fundraiser and make a donation - you can get some seriously awesome stuff in return!


See you around!
Lucy x