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A great read, November 11, 2013
Lillian S
This review is from: The Sapphire Sea (Kindle Edition)
Allan Shortland is at the summit of his marine engineering career, and his romantic life couldn't get any better after he rekindles his relationship with the love of his life, his ex-wife Sally. His work brings him onboard the Sapphire Sea, an undersized and under-powered boat with a crew composed of drunks, old hands, and new, inexperienced workers. Little he knows that a rig shift will turn into a nightmare that could cost him his life.

`The Sapphire Sea' is the second `at sea' novel that I read from David's collection. I loved `Coasting', I absolutely adore this one. With just a very light sprinkle of romance, `The Sapphire Sea' is rich in maritime descriptions and terminology, taking the reader into a wonderful world of knowledge that will fascinate both the connoisseur and the novice, while creating an amazing sense of authenticity through its characters, their language, the torments that mar their lives, the naturalness of their daily schedules and the way they deal with challenges. I felt I was walking at their side all along, drawn into their world, feeling their emotions.

Once again, David Andrews wrote an outstanding book that kept me wanting to dig for more of his works. The writing is seamless, the dialogues are smart and entertaining, the descriptions are smooth and enticing. All in all, a great read that certainly appeals to both sexes, one that I would highly recommend.