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Erotic Romance

All you cowboys out there, you listen up and listen good because Iím looking for my cowboy. Now this cowboy, this man, heís no ordinary cowpoke, no sir. And you want to know why? Well gents, itís because Iím not a common cowgirl and my man, my cowboy, heís got to be able to handle a woman like me.

Oh, my yes, this man will know my touch. Iím hot sex and I want a man that can take all I can give. Easy lovín is for young chicks with stardust in their eyes. Me, Iím all woman. Iíve lived a couple of lives and I donít have time for foolish games.

Mmm, you get the pictureÖ Now boys you close those tired eyes and listen, while I tell you all about Cowboy Lovín.

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