Hi everybody. This is my debut novel. I'm writing contemporary romance, hoping to get the right mix of escapism and reality. Let me know what you think of the cover and blurb.

Fay Brockway is a booker in the fashion industry. Life was looking good for Fay. She was secure in her job, secure in her relationship. Then her partner of seven years, Russell Hyde, got the jitters and suggested a break. Fay is devastated but still in love, and determined that they will get back together.

But during their break, Fay meets a famous artist, Carl Rask. He's different — intense and compelling. He's all about sensuality, in his art and in his life — he even has a floatation room in his riverside house. But Carl also has his issues — connected to an ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend who share a mysterious, tragic history. That history has made Carl a troubled man.

Fay is torn between the present and the past.

Should she hold out for a return to the comfortable life she shared with Russell? The man who knows her inside and out. Or pursue a future with the mercurial Carl? A man who lives life to the full but is unpredictable.

Love's Ghost is a tumultuous romance, an emotional roller coaster. You will find yourself in Fay's shoes, willing her to go one way or the other as she pursues her happy ever after.

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