Maybe that should have said Bad Weekend! It has been a heck of a weekend and I'm not happy with it at all. The kids have gone insane, the husband is being annoying and I got a freakin' paper cut from a posterboard that my oldest wanted me to buy for her school project.

I'm in a bad mood and haven't written a thing since Thursday. THEN, today I received a review that was, well, lets say Less Than Glowing and that just added to my bad mood. Luckily, the reviewer didn't come out and blatantly state that the book sucks and no one should buy it, but to me she might as well have.

Apparently my characters "over-explain" themselves and my story is "head-bopping".

Ok, nevermind. I'll get over it. This is one person out of millions. I'm just in a very bad mood and need to vent a bit. I can't write when I'm in a bad mood! So, I'll just plug my headphones into my ears, blare my Queen of the Damned soundtrack into my brain and let the husband listen to his screaming daughters while playing his PS2.

I hope the rest of you are having a MUCH better Sunday than I am.