I want to start writing romance novels. I've never written a novel before. That up there is the name that I'd like to use for my romance novels. Hopefully.

I've always been a reader and romance novels were always something that I did read but didn't become a strong interest until recently. I've been reading them like mad at the moment, concentrating on novels set in england in the 19th century.

What got me started? Silk is for Seduction, by Loretta Chase. I loved it! This wasn't what I expected from a romance and I was so happy to see a protagonist who wanted her work most of all. It felt so vibrant and compelling. after reading some more and beggaring myself because I'd buy one book by a writer and then i'd have to go back and buy everything I could find by that author, I have a stack of things to read, and the list is still growing.

I don't have a website or anything fancy like that, but I've written before, but usually for science fiction, and usually short works. I published a couple of stories about ten years ago, but for right now the only thing that i've been doing in the way of original work is writing as part of a collective who write a series known as Shadow Unit. (I'm Chelsea Polk, the only one of the crew who isn't a novelist. heh.) I write the happy fuzzy stuff where everyone has pie and nothing hurts. (fibbing!) I am in progress on a story for them, but most of my writing time right now has been swallowed by The Book.

part of what I'm looking for is a writer's group or workshop. I used to be a part of the online writing workshop so I'm most used to that system, but they don't offer the workshop for romance writers. Does anyone know of a group where I can workshop my writing and read the work of other writer to give them the kind of feedback I'm looking for?

I found this site by searching Romance writing workshop. I notice that there are classes, and I'm looking forward to that.

I live in Calgary alberta, where I bicycle to get around, knit for the coming winters, and still don't have a cat.