A tale of identical twin sisters, Jinn and Julie, who are connected telepathically, separated at birth by the military. Each has a psychic gift that is top secret. Together they are deadly. When Jinn realizes that Julie is missing in action, she heads to Mexico to track her down and save her life before it’s too late. The only obstacles are a terminal tumor, a hunky captain of an elite undercover team, and a murderous drug dealer.
Captain Tabor (Tab) McTavish is the leader of Toxic Tango Troop, (TT&T) who work like ghosts getting into and out of their assignments without leaving a trace, however, this time a traitor in their midst has given them away and all goes awry. They are scattered and captured in the rainforest south of Mexico City and must use their wits and strength to overcome the obstacles and break free from the deadly enemy. Tab has an amazing gift of healing and can bring people back from the brink of death. TT&T members are connected through telepathic chips in their brains but a young boy held captive by a murderous drug dealer has an amazingly strong ability to block their signals and track them down, even if he doesn’t want to.
Together Tab and Jinn fight the odds and strive to save the TT&T from certain death and unearth the traitor. Tab is torn between saving his sister, Tara, and helping Jinn find Julie in a race against time.

“What the hell is going on here?” she hissed as she tried to manage her pain.
“I’m the one who asks the questions, Sergeant. Now, tell me who you are.”
“I won’t do that.” Before she could take him off guard and drop him, he spun her around and held her tight against him then stripped her of her head gear.
Cries of surprise sounded all around as the teammates caught sight of her face. The Captain turned her to face him and frowned.
“You look pretty good for a dead woman, Dennison. Did you set us up?”
Jinn held her silence, unable to tell them she wasn’t her twin sister, Juliette. She had to keep her presence a secret, even from this team. A quick glance behind her proved he was mind speaking when someone came up and tied her hands behind her back. The wrenching pain brought an unwelcome groan and she cursed under her breath.
“Until you tell me what I want to know, you’ll be my prisoner.”
“Captain, she helped us all. She’s one of us. Could we¾”
“Silence, Jennings. I’m not taking suggestions right now. Something isn’t right here and I want answers. What are you up to Dennison?”
“No comment.”
“Captain, we have company coming. Can we leave this battle for later?” Blackstone asked.
“Move out. If we get separated, meet at the designated coordinates in two days. You have your orders.”
Two at a time the team members disappeared into the underbrush and left Tab and Jinn alone. He dragged her off through the forest in a different direction, his grip tight on her arm.
For hours she tried to keep up until finally her legs buckled from exhaustion and blood loss. The Captain squatted beside her. Sweat rolled off them both as thunder roared overhead, lighting flashing to fill the area with brightness. The wind picked up, rain finally slapping against their faces. Her whole body was on fire with agony but she remained silent and uncomplaining.
“Sit up, and that’s an order.”
“You’re a bloody fool.”
“And you’re out of line.”
His hand slapped down on her good shoulder and forced her to sitting position. His other hand gentled over her injury. A strange tingling in her wounded shoulder made her gasp. Furious, she could do nothing but wait until he lowered his guard then escape into the night.
“You’re under watch. Don’t try and leave. You won’t like the consequences.”
“You are a jerk, Captain.”
“A court martial is a nasty process, Max. Get comfortable. It won’t be long until sunrise.”
He walked off into the dark leaving her fuming. Damned alpha male with a command complex. Won’t listen to a word anyone else says!
His chuckle came from the distance.