Hi there! My name is Beth. I am a momma, wife, photographer and writer. I have never been published. I write for fun. However, last January I finished reading Patrick Rothfuss King Killer Chronicles Books 1 and 2. They knocked me off my proverbial feet! I'm mean it had action, adventure, magic, and best of all romance. When I finished the second book I looked for the publish date on the third. He's still in the rewrite process. I had that sinking empty feeling you get when you read a really great book. You know, that empty longing for more. I wallowed for a few days and dabbled in other book samples. None of them were what I was looking for. It finally occurred to me that what I was looking for was my own story. It was within me screaming to be released. So....I started writing. A year later I have about 55K words of my first book and 20K of the second book finished. But I've hit the wall. You know that wall where your too close to your own story to see the wholes. I'm desperate to fine a CP or a group to trade chapters with. I look forward to poking around here. Any advice or direction is welcome!