Welcome to the Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains Burns' Night Blog Hop! Although here in Oz we're in the middle of a scorching summer, it's pretty chilly in January in the Highlands :-) To warn everyone up I'm sharing a toasty tidbit from my recent release, Her Savage Scot, book 1 in the Highland Warrior Chronicles set in the ninth century.

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“…spellbinding historical romance with a superb erotic read, which will keep you panting for more. ” 5 Stars A Readers Review

Her Savage Scot ~ Australian Romance Readers Association Finalist for Favourite Erotic Romance 2013

Sizzling Snippet

Connor finally released her and she turned to face him, not even attempting to regulate her uneven breath. Why should she? He attempted no such thing.

“Remove your gown.” The order was harsh.

How dare he speak to her in such a manner? She, a Princess of Ce, when he was nothing but a commoner?

“Or what?” Her words were low, taunting, no matter how she chided herself to remain silent. “You will rip it from my body? Ruin another of my gowns?”

“Aye.” As he spoke, he tossed his length of plaid over his shoulder, his eyes never leaving hers. “If that’s the only way to strip you for my pleasure.”

She gasped at his arrogance, but twisted desire curled around her clitoris and quivered through her wet sheath.

“You would have me dress in rags?” Why was she encouraging him? All she had to do was discard her gown, open her arms and pretend they were back in Ce. There was no place in this life for the entrancing flirting they had enjoyed that night.

He bared his teeth in a parody of the smile that had once captivated her foolish heart. “Madam, I can well afford to ensure you have a dozen new gowns for every one I…ruin.”