“An ambitious younglawyer with a bit of a chip on his shoulder quickly gets in way over his headwhen he stumbles onto an international crime ring operated through a conspiracybetween one of his clients and his boss at the law firm where he's desperatelytrying to make partner. Lucky for him a wild, smart and beautiful paralegal whocalls herself Moonglow helps him out, but Moonglow has her own agenda, whichmay not match his. This is a great legal thriller loaded with action andboasting more plot twists than a box of pretzels. The characters arewell-developed, the dialogue crisp, the action intense, and the relationshipsamong the characters fascinating. Bishop knows his stuff and doesn't hold back.To top it all off, he writes with a sly tongue-in-cheek humor that makes thestory all the more engaging. Bottom line--Tough Guy is a crime drama that keepsthe pages turning late into the night. A great value!! A great read!!”

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