I love Thanksgiving. I look forward to it probably more than any other holiday. Having my family gather round--eating, talking, laughing. This year I was blessed with having two. My oldest son came in on Monday and wasn't going to be able to get back for Thanksgiving, so we had Thanksgiving dinner on Monday with plans to go to my brother's house on Thanksgiving day.

You know what they say about the 'best laid plans'? My brother's house burned several months ago and he's been trying to get into his new one. He believed he'd be in by Thanksgiving and the family was going to gather there. It didn't happen and he asked if I'd have it at my house. Of course I said yes. Somebody slap me! I didn't mind cooking another large meal...it was the eating of that meal. Come Monday it will serious dieting time--at least for a couple of weeks until the round of Christmas eating begins. Something to look forward to.

Regardless of the turkey coma, I'm trying to recover from--it was a truly wonderful Thanksgiving and I wouldn't have changed a thing. We had a chance to watch the older black and white version of "Miracle On 34th Street", one of my favorite Christmas movies. That put me in the mood for Christmas, so today it's out of the attic with the Christmas decorations. Fa La La La--La La La! I can't wait. Have a great day everyone.