Since we got a late start, I'm going to continue this through the weekend. Today was fast starts.

Thursday – developing an idea into a story.

Friday – Tools for analyzing your plot. Get started with the plot outline exercise.

Saturday – part two of the plot outline exercise.

Sunday – how to write vivid scenes, final questions.

You'll have some exercises to do on your own. It's been fun seeing opening chapters, but I don't think I'll be able to give personal feedback every day. Perhaps you can get together in small groups to give feedback? I may also have a thread where people can post their material, so I can skim over it and see if there are things I want to discuss in general.

In general, I'll be checking in several times a day. Saturday I'll be pretty busy through the afternoon and evening.

I'm not sure how long these workshops are accessible, but hopefully you'll be able to use the resources to do more work on your own after it's over.