I guess I do. Because my first novel for Ellora's Cave, Cemetery Dancer, is a finalist in the Erotic Romance - Fantasy/Parnormal category. (Sorry for the crappy cover image. The original is much nicer!)

I'd tried not to get too jazzed up about the competition before I entered. In fact, I almost didn't enter. Yes, EPIC is the premier organization for ebook publishers, writers, and cover artists . . . but I thought, Well, readers either haven't heard of it or just plain don't care about any danged competition. Hell, a good portion of readers don't care about ebooks, period.

But I went ahead and entered anyway. So did hundreds upon hundreds of other authors. And when I got my finalist notification, I realized why I do care.

Other authors do the judging--dispassionately, I'd like to think--so this isn't a popularity contest. It's about quality. And when I realized my novel had managed to garner the respect of my peers, many of whom are veteran authors and/or extremely talented writers, I was floored. I mean, the significance of this honor really hit me.

So, although I know the world will keep spinning and writers will keep writing and readers will keep reading, Eppies or no Eppies, I feel both proud of and humbled by this itty-bitty notch in my belt. It may be the only one I'll ever get, but I'll always be inspired by it.