It's that time of the year where people like to have favorite things themed parties. I recently went to my first one. It was a housewarming/favorite things party and I really enjoyed it because I got to know the party goers a little better by finding out what the like.

This first post will be a favorite things type of post, but with a slight twist! I will be posting things that my characters like in the Forever Series! Many of these things happen to be my favorite things too, so this will be pretty easy!

I'm going to start off with two of the main characters who happen to be lovers:

Raine: One of Raine's favorite things is a white marble desk in the book Forever Friends. He likes it because he inherited it from a relative. I too, happen to like my white marble desk and it was an inherited piece from my Uncle.

Skye: Skye likes wine in the book Forever Friends, especially white zinfandel. When I first started to become interested in wine, I liked white zinfandel because it was light-bodied and a little sweeter than a red. Now, I tend to like full-bodied red wine, as well as some oaky whites. I have a large collection that I keep in a wine fridge.