That Dangerous Age

He was just a teenager but he touched her like a man.

Single art professor Whitney Van Haren has always been inspired more by museums than men. But as her thirtieth birthday approaches, spending the summer on an exclusive Cape Cod beach sounds like the perfect chance for romance. Her older sister, eager to see her married, agrees. The last guy either of them expects Whitney to fall for is a teenage lifeguard – even if he is achingly gorgeous and burns to make Whitney his own.

Nineteen-year-old Liam is confident he can be the man of Whitney’s dreams. She’s just as certain their forbidden attraction can only end in heartache. But when Cape Cod’s richest bachelor decides to make Whitney his wife, she is forced to choose between respect and lust – and makes a decision that culminates in the explosion of her most taboo desires.

Coming in 2008 from Liquid Silver Books!