Unlike many authors, I never planned on being a writer nor did I "always write". My first choice for art has always been visual. Drawing, painting, photography and even beaded jewelry. I started writing a couple years ago after reading a vampire story and thinking, "If I was immortal I would be living it up!" So I wrote my first novel, Like Crimson Rain. Don't bother looking for it... it need a MAJOR rewrite. But it felt great to finish it. Then I did the unthinkable.... I kept writing! I tried to write a few other styles, but no matter what they had to have a paranormal elemant and they had to have a love story as the central theme. Yep... the Big Guy realized he was a romance writer.
So now I have a novella, Fiends With Benefits, out there. Phaze made me a contract offer after I sent in a short story based on the main characters, Ben and Valda. I was very worried though because it is told in first person and from Ben's point of view. "Women don't want to read sex scenes from a man's POV" I was told. "Men can't write romance" someone else told me. Know what? I am getting some greatreviews for FWB and to the nay-sayers I say "nyah nyah ". Yeah, real mature huh?
Yeah, I know that many women won't want to read FWB because it is from the heroes POV. I will be writing other stories in third person, but Ben and Valda will live (or unlive) in their own series told through Ben's eyes and heart.
So stick around and enjoy the show!