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    Default Heart 2 Heart, A Short Story Collection

    Short stories (romance, memoir, futuristic)
    Issue Date: 10/30/2014
    ISBN: 9781311236852
    Price: $1.99
    Editor: Emily Sewell
    Cover Design by Cheryl of CCR Book Cover Design


    Buy e-book on: Smashwords / AmazonUS / UK / AU / CA / / GooglePlay / ARe / iBooks / Kobo and other retailers

    Ten (10) stories, flash fiction to long shorts in three sections:
    Sweet Romance,
    Sensual Romance
    and Flash Fiction

    Assuming Love – While waiting tables, Shelly swears her customer is flirting with her, then suddenly he’s Mr. Stoic. What’s this guy’s problem?
    Marinara Magic – Roni’s new apartment comes with a sexy chef one floor up, but is he man enough to accept what she does for a living?
    Do Over – A second chance at love story where things may not be what they seem.*
    Home for Christmas – A reunion story. A chance holiday reunion between college friends who ruined a good thing with a Christmas affair. Will this be a repeat, or are they smarter now?**
    Mr. Dependable – Next door neighbors, Tyler and Sara Cho grew up together. They’re inseparable best buds until Tyler gives Sara a toe-curling kiss and a warning that their relationship has just changed forever. Yeah, right. He’ll come back around to being her same ol’ Tyler, won’t he?
    The Best Man – Astra didn’t set out to fall in love with her fiancé’s best friend. She thought she’d already found love — or something close to it — before she met Pete.
    Winter’s Bride – She’s not your typical bride. A melancholy tale.
    An Early Memory – A memoir moment born of a writing prompt.
    Cutest Thing In Jeans – A futuristic story with a twist.
    Goodbye and Hello – A vibrant woman at a crossroads in her life.

    Only $1.99 at your favorite retailer!

    * Do Over also included in Seasons and Seashells

    **Home for Christmas previously published as stand-alone short story with sample chapters.

    Now you can have both of these and more in one collection!
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    Home for Christmas, a FREE short story
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