This is the place to keep tabs on the Forbidden Love print journals coming out, starting with the Bad Boys issue December 21, 2006. The link is You must be age 18 and above to join..As some of their novels and journals contain romance and erotic romance the publisher thought it best to place the group in the adult category.
Under the Moon is an Imprint of the RPG company, Final Sword Productions and publishes a range of novels including romance, dark romance, alternative history and erotic romance is launching a quarterly dark romance/dark erotic romance journal starting in December 2006. My erotic urban fantasy, 'Soul Seduction" is in that first issue, Forbidden Love: Bad Boys and my dark erotic werewolf story, "Being a Predator is a Bitch" will be in the second issue, Forbidden Love: Wicked Women, that comes out March 2007. . There's also a forum you can join at

Sapphire Phelan (shared blog with Chippewa Publishing/Lady Aibell Press romance authors)