Christmas is only a few short days away and it seems that every time I talk to someone I'm being asked what are my Christmas plans. For me the answer to that question is very simple, I plan to stay home and be warm and toasty in front of the fireplace. We recently converted to a gas fireplace and I love it. I'd spend all day in my jammies with my laptop soaking up the warmth if I could. So naturally that's a large part of my holiday plans. However at some point over this four day weekend I fully intend to hit the movie theaters to see the new National Treasure movie. Loved the first and the second looks awesome! I am a big fan of US History. It was one of my favorite subjects in school and that aspect along with the adventure of finding lost treasure and historical artifacts really appeals to me. For many people the holidays are a time of racing around and stress. For me, they are total relaxation. So, now you know where I'll be either at the movies, or in front of the fire with my cats and a big stack of DVDs(Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Transformers are at the top of that list) and of course there will be a bit of writing time factored in as well

What about you? What are your holiday plans?
Whatever they are I hope they are Safe a
nd Happy.