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Scene The Bayou Cowboy accompanies the Skeptical Surrogate on her prenatal doctor's visit.

Web Designer Erika Washington's contract with her childhood best friend covers all possibilities about her pregnancy. But one unpredictable event redirects her future. As a donor-surrogate, what does one do when fate changes the plan and claims the lives of the intended parents? If you're the selfless, strong-willed Erika Washington, you mount a defense to keep your baby.

Entrepreneur Booker Templet, owner of Templet's Tasty Tails, secretly agrees to help his first cousin by being a donor for his baby. However, unfortunate circumstances change the course of Booker’s life. After he learns the identity of the other donor, Booker plans to be a part of his child's life. No matter what.

Will Erika and Booker battle over custody of the baby? Will their horrible loss help them find consolation in each other's arms? Or will fate intervene yet again?

Erika hung in the door between the lobby and the doctors' offices. She treasured the tender smile on Booker's face, wondering what had brought it on. Her pregnancy defined their friendship, but the baby should not be the catalyst for something deeper. An intimate relationship should be based on their affection for one another. Erika thought about all the proper arguments. Yet, Booker Templet's folksy demeanor had won a soft spot in her heart.
He looked up and saw her staring.

Booker lobbed the magazine to the table. His giant steps brought him in front of her, and he pushed the door wider. Erika advanced into the lobby.

"Are we okay?" His voice boomed around the quiet room.

Heads turned in their direction.

"We are okay." Erika patted her belly. "Two more weeks."

"Really?" Booker mussed his hair before slapping his forehead. "Wow."

Well, will the Bayou Cowboy's affections corral the Skeptical Surrogate's love?