Welcome Back, Lesson 5 / Day 5 (was supposed to be posted on Friday)!

Welcome! It is the end, my friends. Our final session together and itís time for Q n A and to share some resources Iíve compiled for you. Please submit your questions and I will take time out to answer each of them. If you do not hear from me, I may have missed it and you are welcome to e-mail me your comments and questions directly to Teegarner (at) aol (dot) com where Iíll get them faster and respond directly to you.

Bonus Resource Guide --

Putting Together Visual Ads for Your Book
Coffee Time Romance 2017 / MAY

Other Online Programs (and possible) Apps for Movie Making *tried to list mostly free or VERY low cost

∑ PowerPoint - Yes, before all this movie making stuff came about, most people stringed together a series of different photos, overlaid text and added music which you can still do and still do effectively - the only issue I have with PPT is that the transition between slides seems a little dated and slow but it does still work!
http://www.dvolver.com/moviemaker/index.html (this one also does cartoon videos great for Childrenís Book Authors)
∑ Youtube (sign in using Google) to access the video creator
∑ Lists 20 Online Video Making Programs - includes the ones Iíve listed above and some costly ones - https://filmora.wondershare.com/vide...eo-makers.html
∑ (I listed this in the Day 4 / Lesson 4 post) List 20 APPS for Video Making programs https://www.theguardian.com/technolo...-making-videos - Also worth mentioning donít be afraid to simply Google Video Making Apps and other keywords

Photos / Images and Footage Sites

Below is a comprehensive list of places to obtain images, photos and live footage sections for your videos. Note that if you want FREE images, they are available on these sites but youíll need to search. Often images for pay will come up first when you enter any search term/keyword because thatís obviously how they make their money but there are many free images you can use as well.

Stock Art / Free Use Photos/etc. You should be able to look for free, but to obtain (download) images; you may need to create a login/sign up and pay a minimal fee.
*ALWAYS check the Terms of Use policy for any photos. Using something without the right permissions could get you sued or levy hefty fines and infringement/copyright charges.

∑ CoverShotCreations.com

*This image list is from another class handout so some of these include places to obtain images more geared toward book cover design but they are still images so I kept them listed here

Royalty Free Music Sites - I cannot possibly list all the royalty-free music sites available to you but I use Music Loops the most and here are a few more.

Ben Sound - http://www.bensound.com/
Dig CC - http://dig.ccmixter.org/film
Music Loops - www.musicloops.com
Art List - https://artlist.io/lp/Royalty-Free-M...FZGFswodWcQC_A
If you have an YouTube Account - There is a repository of music you can use Youtubeís Music - Read about that here: https://www.theverge.com/2013/9/25/4...lty-free-songs

When All Else Fails - SEEK Professional Assistance
At the end of the long day, itís okay to hire a professional and there are some that costs very little. First I list some sites that are low cost all the way to more costly companies. Before you pay the big bucks, I hope I have said at least ONCE that you should ASK A TEENAGER. They just get this technology intuitively and why not work together on something, try it,that might be fun!!

Companies, (SOME listed below are individuals/freelancers and small business owners and the first three MAY be located in other countries). You can also search for Virtual Assistants - who also can do a lot of graphic design for you too at a reasonable rate. Always read reviews and ask around before using anyone.
∑ Fivrr.com
∑ Elance.com
∑ Upwork.com (formerly oDesk)
∑ Tyora Moody - www.TywebbinCreations.com
∑ DGT Book Promotions - http://www.dgtbookpromotions.com/book-videos
∑ Circle of Seven Productions - http://cosproductions.com/
∑ Film-14 - http://film-14.com/
∑ JKS Communications - http://www.jkscommunications.com/boo...er-production/
∑ The listserves - such as the Indie Romance Ink, Self-Publish listserve and any of the RWA affiliated chapter lists, etc. are also full of freelance professionals that do book trailers or graphic artist types - just send out a note telling everyone what youíre looking for and see what comes back