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    RCA eBook Reader (REB1200)
    • eBook digital reader with expansion slot
    • 8 MB standard memory, expandable to 128MB
    • 56 Kbps modem included
    • Color LCD display
    • Rechargable Li-Ion battery; includes stylus, power adapter, phone cord, and more

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    Karen, Here's some information about a new technological breakthrough that could revolutionize ebook reading . Plastic Logic is still working on this new flexible display technology but videos and images can be found here:

    More detailed text information can be found at the following link:

    Their web site states:

    Plastic Logic is building the first commercial manufacturing facility targeted at flexible active-matrix display modules for ‘take anywhere, read anywhere’ electronic reader products. It will utilise Plastic Logic’s unique process to fabricate active-matrix backplanes on plastic substrates which, when combined with an electronic-paper frontplane material, will be used to create display modules that are thin light and robust. This will enable a digital reading experience that is much closer to paper than any other technology.

    Plastic Logic’s research shows that consumers are very reluctant to read on laptops, phones and PDAs even in this age of pervasive digital content. Enormous amounts of paper are still carried around. However, people are making less room in their lives for the weight and bulk of paper and are becoming more sensitive to the environmental impact of printing to read.

    The thinness, lightness and robustness enabled by the flexibility of Plastic Logic’s displays will, at last, enable electronic reader products that are as comfortable and natural to read as paper whether at the beach, in a train or relaxing on the sofa at home. Wireless connectivity will allow users to purchase and download a book or pick up the latest edition of a newspaper wherever and whenever they desire. The battery will last for thousands of pages allowing the charger to be left at home.

    An electronic reader built around a Plastic Logic display module can be up to three times the screen area for the equivalent weight of a typical 6” electronic reader product available today (i.e. approximately 250g). This is enabled by weight reduction in the display module and in the casing which no longer has to be engineered to be rigid to protect the glass backplane.

    Plastic Logic’s printing-based process is much more easily reconfigurable than traditional amorphous silicon production lines. This allows the display form factor to be dynamically driven by consumer preference rather than by the constraints of the manufacturing line.

    Plastic Logic displays will enable products that will finally make digital reading a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

    This development looks to me as if it will lead to some new and exciting ways for readers to enjoy ebooks and other electronic reading material. I cannot wait until this product becomes available to the public.

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    Does anyone have anything to say about the Kobo ereader? I'm thinking of buying one but I'm still undecided.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VenusSG View Post
    Does anyone have anything to say about the Kobo ereader? I'm thinking of buying one but I'm still undecided.
    They've just been released here in Australia and I've heard they're okay. They hold a lot more books than the one I have.

  5. Diana Castilleja
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    I recently purchased the JetBook Lite. It can be found here :
    Though I bought mine through for a considerable discount. It reads all the formats and DRM PRC but I particularly like epub on it. I take it almost everywhere.

    I highly recommend either model.
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    Gee the latest technological craze. I definitely want one simply because it would be the green thing to do besides the fact that there are some authors out there who only have ebooks. But what happens if you are like me and disabled and have an extremely tight budget and it won't stretch enough to buy an ereader. The lowest price I have seen is $149.00 unless you find it on sale some where. I enter contests to win ereaders as often as I find them. Simply because that may be the only way I would get one. Unless someone out there wants to share their lottery winnings with me.

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    Default Borders & Aluratec eReader Pro

    Borders is selling the Aluratec Pro for only $119.99. Not a wi-fi reader, but looks good.
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    The Aluratec is essentially the Jetbook with a different OS on it. It is still a good machine for the cost.

    There's rumors that ereaders in general will be under a $100 by the end of summer/ this year, simply because model surplus and demand are driving them that way.

    Don't lose hope Robin.
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