Where, oh, where, has Mildred gone
My childhood friend, who sings my song
With long slow sweeps she catches my hearts
and strangers, people, she'll split them apart

o, where, o where has my sweetheart faded
her bright red paint now chipped and jaded
with whispering cries, and rending bone
Mildred, my friend, should come on home.

Whereo, owhere, have they taken her now
hidden by earth, buried by plow?
Mildred my sweetest, please kick start for me
We'll practice techniques on the nearest oak tree

Whereowhereowhereoowhere have you strayed
when moments and memories of our highlights are made
and poor wailing cries of the people we meet
are the tunes that we share when strangers we greet.

And so, here you are, my sweetest and dear
with you in my hands we have nothing to fear
unless, of course, the worst comes to pass
and your poor little body runs out of gas

whereowhereowhereowhereowhere is the gaaaaasssssssss!!!!!