Gosh, it's been soooo cold here in noth GA. Is it time for Spring yet?

Life has been crazy busy around here. Dh's truck broke down, so we had to hurry and find him something else to drive to and from work. He works an hour away, so it had to be something that could stand up to that kind of mileage and not cost us $100 a week in gas. Thankfully we found him a nice, little Honda Accord.

All three girls had checkups 2 days ago and that was chaos and a half. They all ended up needing shots and no one was happy when the appointment was over.

I've decided that I need time for naps until the weather warms up. I should have been a bear because I'd be more than happy to hibernate all winter.

Anyway, chime in and let me know what's going on with you!