Ahem, in case you couldn't tell, I'm a Midwestern gal. LOL

My name is Tami, and I live in the middle of a cornfield surrounded by cows, horses, chickens, and just about any other farm animal you can imagine with a few friendly domestics thrown in for good measure.

Baby, one of my two beloved house cats is my assistant.

She checks all my work for typos to make sure it's purrrrfect. So if you happen to come across a misspelled word--blame her.

I live out here with my hubby of 24 years. He's my honest-to-goodness knight in shining armor, and my biggest fan. I have two grown children, and two small grandchildren (who are coming over to visit yaya and papa today, so I'll be in and out throughout the day and it may take me a while to get this section of my new home all spiffy.)

Through all of life's little ups and down, and rollercoaster spins, I've been a writer, but it wasn't until my kids grew up and the house got quiet, thereby allowing my thoughts and imagination free rein that I sat down seriously. Since that time, I've written a myriad of articles, short stories, and several novels, all of which I'm anxious to tell you about--

So sit back, have a nice fresh cup of coffee, compliments of the wonderful ladies here at Coffee Time, and chat with me awhile.