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I know, and I'm sorry I had to disappoint people. They just didn't sell well and I A) couldn't afford to write more (I'm not even sure I would have been offered another contract for more, and if I had, it wouldn't have been enough to pay for the time writing the book), and B)...well...what can I say? I love fantasy!

If they ever ask me to write another Emerald book, I'd consider it if the contract were good--and if it were only one or two more--I'm so not cozy-mystery oriented in my mindset and it's hard for me to come up with plausible reasons for her to investigate murders. I can't stand mysteries where there's no reason except nosiness for the sleuth to go poking around! LOL (And I also have a hard time reining myself into the limitations of the genre re: violence and sex).

This makes total sense!!