I have to admit, Delilah is my favourite D'Artigo sister now. I'm re-reading all the books in the series, and I just find her hilarious! I love cats (my fiancee believes I am part-feline!); so thinking about little tabby Delilah makes me laugh, especially when Kitten is scaling Christmas trees, "talking" to neighborhood animals in kitty form, and "meowing" to identify herself over the phone.

I was once fondest of Camille; she is a witch, and I have been a practicing Wiccan since 2003. I love her attitude, her style (I'd have a field day with her wardrobe), and her confidence. Like all the characters, there is more to her than meets the eye. I admire her for looking after her sisters under extraordinary circumstances and terrible trauma. That she manages to step up like that and look fantastic? Well, Camille really was my clear favourite, no doubt about it.

As for Menolly...I had a harder time getting used to her in-your-face, don't-piss-me-off-or-else attitude. With Darkling, I got a better insight into why she acts the way she does. I've had a past similar to hers (minus the "undead" thing) and I began to root for her. Her determination and courage helped her to face her inner demons, an empowering choice that made me like her better.

Now, Delilah...I never thought she was as exciting. But looking back at the series as a whole? I think she is a strong, passionate woman who is willing to fight for those she loves, and sacrifice her dreams and ideals for what she believes in. To me, that shows her true strength and now I love reading her POV, especially Changeling. It's a brilliant, moving story and I can see the potential for her eventual change into panther.

Changeling is wonderful (but a big "ew!" to the spiders!). For the record, though: Delilah's men are not my type! Trillian, Morio, and Smoky are the REAL Triple Threat. And Rozuriel, please call me!

~Letha Hellsing~

"More to know, to feel, to lose...to be complete." - "Undiscovered" by my band, Pale Secrecy