Hi Karenne,
I'm really late with thanking you for the welcome. Sorry, but life and writing kept me busy. My life? Not too exciting. The dh and I have been working with the puppy on coming when she's called. People without pets but with children will understand selective deafness. We tried walking her without a leash so she could get more exercise, but she'd wander off into the woods, not come when we called, and show up an hour or two later at the house, with an "Oh, you wanted me?" look on her face. Sigh. Finally, with maturity and more training, she's come around. Sasha is a wonderful, loving, sweet dog and now she comes when called.
And writing? I'm working on a new proposal for Silhouette Romantic Suspense, this one with a secondary character from my last book, DEADLY MEMORIES. Matt Leoni is a laidback ATSA agent who meets the challenge of his life with an old love and a new injury. More later, if SRS buys it. And I've just finished the last edits for my single title coming out from The Wild Rose Press in the fall. PRIMAL OBSESSION was developed after the dh and I did a wilderness canoe trip in northern Maine. Our trip had six people including our guide but thankfully, no murderer, as in the book. Readers can find an excerpt and the cover at my website. More later on the book and my canoe trip.