I, like everyone else, am agog at the new series, but I can't bear to see this one languishing unnoticed. Without this particular book, I'd have overlooked Yasmine's works for a long time!

My older son was an over the road truck driver. One thing we did right for the boy, he is a voracious reader! He carried bags of books with him, and would still run out. On one long trip, in desperate need of something to read, he found MUAMM and bought it, along with a bunch of others. Most of the other books ended in the Goodwill pile, but he brought this one to me and said, "Hey, Mom, I think you'll like this one." The kid was soo right! I read it and did like it! I liked it so much, I started a search for the others in the series and devoured them! That also led me to Yasmine's forums and I have basically tagged along ever since.

I have a soft spot for Emerald and Joe. I understand why they have had to retire...but they will always hold a special spot in my heart.