If you're starting seeds indoors, it helps to create a planting calendar so you know which seeds to sow when. Start by marking your average last frost date you can get this from a gardening neighbor or your Cooperative Extension office. Then count back and mark the sowing and transplanting dates for each crop. For example, you'll want to sow tomato seeds about six weeks before planting outdoors. If your average last frost date is May 1, write "sow tomato seeds" on March 20. You'll transplant the seedlings into the garden on May 1. You can transplant broccoli and cabbage seedlings into the garden about two weeks before the last frost date they can take a light frost so write "transplant broccoli" on April 17. Sow them about six weeks before that, on March 6. Make your planting calendar now, and before you know it you'll be out in the garden!