Excerpt from Talking Dogs, Aliens and Purple People Eaters
By Shelley Munro

Janaya is a bodyguard on a mission. She must protect her Aunt Hinekiri from mercenaries and then return to Dalcon in time to take her captain's exam. A simple assignment for an officer of her caliber—except nothing goes as planned. Their spaceship crash lands on Earth. No spare parts available. Big problem.

Janaya is stuck on a tiny outpost called New Zealand. She's going to stuff up her promotion chances. And because she neglected to have her travel inoculations in her urgent hurry to protect her aunt, Janaya has bonded with an Earthman.

Police officer Luke Morgan seeks a quiet life. No press. No nosy reporters. No women. Just lots of fishing and fresh country air.

Luke doesn't count on meeting a pair of aliens and a talking dog and participating in a shootout with purple-suited aliens. Nor does he expect the surge of lust he feels for Janaya. Suddenly a routine callout turns into a big problem that Luke suspects might only be the tip of the iceberg.

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"Janaya, come with me." Giving her no choice, he grabbed her forearm.

"But my aunt—" Janaya dug in her heels and Luke felt his feet leave
the ground.

"Quit that," he snapped in a fierce undertone. "You're meant to blend
in, not stick out like boils on a man's backside."

Janaya glanced back at the elderly couple sitting in the bed. They
hadn't noticed her slip since they were too busy sizing each other
up. Her aunt didn't seem upset. In fact, judging by the gleam in her
eyes, Luke's father was the one in serious trouble. She shuddered
inwardly as her aunt's words about double dating came back to bite
her on the bum. She needed to get them home to Dalcon—sooner rather
than later.

Chagrined at the slip, Janaya set Luke on his feet. "Sorry. I..." Her
words trailed off as she became conscious of his bare skin and
something jabbing her in the stomach.

"We need to talk," he said. "In private. Come with me."

The man had no clothes on and he wanted to talk?

Janaya nodded while her gaze drifted down his body on a scenic
journey as he walked away. Broad shoulders tapered down to a trim
waist and tight buttocks. Her mouth watered. She wanted to sink her
teeth in, to taste, to mark him then soothe the stinging love bite
with her tongue. She wanted—What the heck was wrong with her? Why was
she lusting after this man when she had finally captured Santana's
attentions? Santana was the one she should concentrate on. Wrinkling
her brow in a fierce frown, she tried to dredge a vision of Santana's
face from her memory.

And failed.

Luke turned, waiting patiently for her to follow.

Unbidden, Janaya's eyes swept down his body—the front view this time—
then back up past his sensual mouth to his eyes. The roguish glint
she encountered drew a gasp.

He was watching her.

One dark eye closed in a wink and a slow, cocky grin curled across
his lips. The knowing look brought a surge of color to Janaya's
cheeks. Fool! She had the attention span of a fodo. Concentrate on

"I thought you wanted to talk?" What would happen if she said yes?
Yes to the silent question in his gleaming eyes. She wanted to.

"Coward," he mocked.

The soft taunt stung and without thinking, she moved toward him.
Stalked him. Her fierce frown should have made him move but he stood
his ground, almost daring her to do her worst. His bottom lip
quivered as though he was biting back a chuckle. Janaya's eyes
narrowed. She closed the gap until nothing separated them but his
skin and her clothes. Her first impression was one of heat then she
heard the rapid beat of his heart. He wasn't as confident as he
seemed and that made her feel a whole lot better. An echoing grin
spread across her face. Two could play this game. She lifted her
right hand and trailed her fingers over his shoulder and down the
golden skin that covered his bicep. His intake of breath fuelled her
courage and she stood on tiptoe to press her lips to his, to taste
and satisfy the curiosity that burnt within. His breath tickled her
mouth—a pleasurable sensation that made her thirst for more.

"Living dangerously," he murmured.

Maybe, but for once, she found she didn't care about doing things by
the rules. Perhaps there was something of her aunt inside her after

Her tongue slid across the seam of his lips, demanding a taste of the
dangerous. And Luke didn't hesitate to grab the invitation. He opened
his mouth, nibbling, beginning a sensual exploration that made her
knees soften. Luke wrapped his arms around her shoulders pulling her
flush with his naked body. A shiver worked down her spine, lodging
low in her belly. Her breasts thrust against the skimpy Earth
clothing her aunt had provided, the smooth fabric creating a
delicious friction against her sensitive nipples.

Breathing hard, Luke tore his mouth away from hers and Janaya
couldn't prevent a moan of disappointment at the separation. She had
never felt this sizzling emotion with Santana. Never. Janaya didn't
want to stop. If her aunt was right and it was too late for her now
that she'd met the Earthman, she might as well crash and burn like a
shooting star. They wouldn't be on the blue planet for much longer.
As soon as the ship was repaired, they would leave—if Janaya had her
way. She had a promotion to score and a joining ceremony with Santana
to complete.

Luke grabbed her hand and tugged her inside a room. Once she was
inside, he shut the door.

"Did ya bring some food?" Killer asked.

"Hinekiri has food for you," Luke said, opening the door a fraction.

"Oh, boy!" Killer bounded off the bed and nearly head-butted the door
in her haste to leave.

Luke shut the door then snapped the lock home. "Alone at last."

A shiver of nervousness had her retreating. Janaya knew she could
defend herself. She could throw the Earthman through the air using
one hand. She could hurt him, yet she was the one who felt
vulnerable. Imprinting didn't happen that much on Dalcon. Conditions
had to be right. The trouble was that they varied from couple to
couple. Janaya had never paid attention, not when she'd set her
sights on joining with Santana and becoming a member of the Marachi
family. When all she craved and wanted was her father to tell her he
was proud of her, proud to call her daughter.

Janaya trod unfamiliar territory, and she didn't like it. According
to her aunt, this was fate. Janaya studied Luke's bare toes as a
delaying tactic.

"Come here," he said.

His feet were large but nicely formed like the rest of him.

"Don't tell me I frighten you," he murmured.

Janaya finally risked a look. Yeah, he frightened her. He made her
feel like a raw recruit again.

"I want to strip that sorry excuse of a nightie off you, throw you
down on my bed and blanket you with my body," he drawled. "And that's
just for starters."

Janaya swallowed, the words that she'd formed in her mind drying up
in her throat. She tingled. Every inch of her body trembled with need
and all he'd done so far was kiss her. Dampness soaked her G-thing at
the thought of doing more.

"If you don't want the same thing I do then you'd better leave. If
you stay you won't get a second chance. I intend to keep you in my
bed for a long time."

Janaya heard the anxious thud of his heart as he offered her a way
out. It sounded like the slow pounding of waves on a rocky beach.
Hypnotic. Her heart picked up the pace to beat in unison. Did she
want to go?


The Earth word whispered through her mind then repeated a little more
forcefully. It sounded so much like her aunt lecturing her that
Janaya glanced over her shoulder to check that Hinekiri wasn't
standing in the doorway behind them.

"Your answer?" Luke stood before her waiting. His need was clear in
his face, his burgeoning erection and the taut stance.

"Yes," Janaya whispered. "Just until the ship is repaired."

He froze on hearing her whisper but his eyes glowed hot. Dark and
full of sensual promise. "Come here to me."