Pretty cover isnt it? LOL! It might get changed but this is the "working" cover for the book. Its due out later this year. here's the blurb:
Dalton Royce is one of the last royal fey left on earth, and leads a very solitary existence just outside London, where he grows and breeds some very rare and very exotic plants and flowers. When he sees Spiria at a plant show in London, and hears her asking after some very expensive and very rare clippings for her collection, he notices a kindred spirit and has to meet her. Little does he know that Spiria is the last Earth elemental dragon left, and gaining her trust, let alone her heart is going to be harder then he ever expected.

When a threat from her past surfaces, Spiria’s life is in danger all over again, and Dalton makes it his personal mission to see the woman that captured his heart after eons of loneliness is safe and forever in his arms.

What do you guys think?