Stray Cat Strut by Shelley Munro
a m/m paranormal shifter romance

I met a male lion shifter in the pub last night. Not that my father would approve since it reinforces my gay status, but Lucas is incredible. Tall. Golden. Sexy. Our gazes met and we clicked. The evening turned into night. The sex was hot. Intense. Real magic that doesn't happen every day. Hell, it electrified me. By the time the night was over I craved more… I hungered for a future because it's no fun living alone like a stray cat. I'm just like every Middlemarch shifter, gay or not. All I want is love.


Lucas and Leticia were staying at The Hermitage. We strode into the
foyer, looking neither left nor right as we headed for the lifts.

Lucas stabbed the call button and we both lifted our heads to check
the illuminated numbers showing the lift's location. We waited in
silence. My mind was on the kiss. I licked my lips, savoring Lucas'
lingering taste. I trembled, desperate to strip and move skin against
skin, to feel Lucas' abrasive tongue sweeping across my flesh.

A soft sound snared my attention. I turned and saw Lucas was watching
me closely.

"Fuck, the lift," he muttered. "We'll take the stairs. It's quicker."
He seized my hand and dragged me past a vintage car parked inside the
foyer. I had seconds to take in the sculpture of glittering silver
fish and the water that poured down the wall before we hit the
stairs. Lucas dropped my hand and took them two at the time. I
followed in bemusement, becoming gladder by the second because I had
such a great view of Lucas' ass and muscular legs when he powered his
way to the top. We sprinted up another two flights of stairs, past a
couple of shops and a casual restaurant before Lucas turned to the
right and prowled down a carpeted passage. About halfway along the
passage he stopped to tug a keycard from his pocket. He slid it into
the door, waited a second until the green light flashed. I followed
him inside and the door shut after me, closing with a soft click.

The room was decked out in shades of cream with dark cream covers on
the two queen-size beds. I couldn't remember the exact color shade
but had seen it when my mother had dragged me into a furniture store
in Dunedin around six months ago.

It was a fairly standard hotel room with a desk and chair against the
wall along with the obligatory television and local artwork on the
walls. The thing that propelled the room to special and spectacular
was the large window that took up most of one wall with views out
toward Aoraki Mount Cook. Not that I could see much at the moment.

"Strip," Lucas barked, his hands working on the buttons of his white

"What about Leticia?" I asked.

"She has her own room."

My brows shot up. "Are you made of money? The room rates here are
pretty steep."

Lucas' gaze bore into me. "Yeah, we have money. Is that a problem?"

"It could be," I said. "I'm not rich." And I'd hate the label of

"So?" Lucas prowled toward me, his expression mean and dangerous. He
stopped inches away, his dark eyes glaring golden sparks. "I'm not
interested in your money. It's your body I want to fuck, not your
bank account. That plain enough?"

"Crystal." I held back a chuckle.

"Hell." Disgust shaded his voice. "I've never met a male who liked to
talk so much. Can we continue now?"

"Yeah." I dragged my polo shirt over my head and tossed it aside.
With my eyes on Lucas, I started to undo my jeans. The unveiling of
Lucas' body distracted me. Smooth golden skin stretched across
magnificent muscles. Unlike me, a small amount of hair dusted his
chest, arrowing downward beneath his black jeans. He sat on the
corner of one of the beds to unlace his leather boots.

"Let me," I said. I knelt on the carpeted floor in front of him and
drew off the boot. He had big feet. My gaze drifted upward to the
huge bulge at his groin, a smile tugging my lips. A big cock to
match. Lucky me. I tugged off his sock before massaging his foot. His
guttural groan, almost a purr, brought amusement. The man was easy.
I removed his other boot and sock. "Jeans," I suggested, eager to see
more skin.

Lucas stood and peeled off jeans and briefs in one swift move. He
kicked them aside and stood proudly in front of me. I sat back on my
heels, studying his body closely. His skin was golden all over as if
he bathed in the sun on a regular basis. Supple muscles played
whenever he moved while his dick jutted out and upward.


"Is that all you're going to do? Look?"

Testy. I bit back a smirk. "I could touch," I suggested.

"For God's sake, do it," he snapped. His jaw clenched and his face
bore an expression of pain.

"Yeah. Okay. Maybe we'll do away with foreplay this time." A fib, of
course. I loved the tease and prolonging of the main event. It made
the climax so much sweeter.


Smiling, I stood and rapidly removed my boots, socks and the rest of
my clothes. Aware Lucas was eyeing my body in much the same way I'd
checked him out, I paused in a pose. We were like day and night—one
golden and one dark—but otherwise matched in size, and I think,

Deciding Lucas had had enough time for window-shopping, I closed the
distance between us and kissed him on the lips. This time was slower.
Giving. We explored each other's mouths, letting our bodies bump and
jostle together. He tasted of beer, the crisp taste of hops dancing
across my tongue. I took the kiss deeper, exploring the inside of his
cheek and his abrasive tongue. I shivered, my hips jerking in
response. I couldn't wait to feel his tongue against my skin. Slowly,
I pulled away, my breathing hard and choppy.

Lucas wasn't in much better condition. "Hell." The word was a hiss
from between his clenched teeth. "Do that again."

"What? This?" I ground against him, our cocks sliding against each
other before the swollen heads hit solid flesh. No need for erection
enhancing drugs in this room.

"Yeah." Lucas seized my hips with his calloused hands and held me
still while he repeated the move. We both groaned, wet trails of pre-
cum glistening on our abdomens. "I'm going to do you," he
muttered. "On the bed. Now."

"Who made you boss?" I liked the dominant position best. I might want
him, but I wasn't going to let Lucas walk all over me just because I
wanted to get laid.

Our gazes met. Held. "Fuck," he said finally, obviously recognizing
this could be a problem. "Okay. We'll take turns." He leveled a
challenging glare at me. "I'm going first."