Ian had already set the chest and paper on the floor in
front of them and now he sat next to her and looked
down at it. “Well, if the legend is right, the parchment
will tell you what to do with the items in the box in order
to free Andrew's soul. But it won't be easy.”

Fiona reached for the parchment but Ian caught her
hand. “Be careful Fiona. There's a warning that comes
with the legend. 'The one who opens the chest must be
prepared for her wrath.' At least that's the loosely
translated version.”

“But what does that mean? Who is the 'her' in that
warning? Is it referring to his wife?”She rubbed her
hands together, fighting off the chill she could still feel
deep into her bones.

Ian shrugged, “As close as I can figure, yes. She was a
very powerful witch. When Andrew caught her in the
arms of her lover, he killed the man and Isobel, his wife,
vowed revenge on the Keith clan for all eternity.”