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    The night was so dark you could not even see the star filled sky. But the red moon was there bright with a white mystical circle around it. He could feel the change coming over him and knew he did not have much time left before the hunger would hit.

    The aroma made his very soul stir with a passion that only he could know. His senses heightened as his body changed into a black wolf. The pain and rush of adrenaline mounted as his brain pattern changed. He became aware of every sound, smell and movement around him. He could smell his prey.
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    Alone in the dark, under an ominous Hunter's moon, Amser shivered. The path was barely visible to her emerald eyes as she stood in the center of the park gazebo, fiery hair twisting around her pale uncertain face as the wind blew a frigid breath. She'd walked along the lamp-lit path to get here, just as she did every night after work, but this time the lights had gone out. Now she was stuck, worrying about the strange footsteps she'd heard just moments before.
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    Stupid, she berated herself. How many times had her mother warned that she was going to end up on the news as the victim of the latest ax murderer if she continued her solitary walks? But then, when did Mom's advice ever change her behavior? Besides, the moon seemed to be pulling at her to join its nightly communion, to celebrate the thick darkness, to smell the air crisp with the odors of fallen leaves, mossy earth, and...musk? Amser closed her eyes and tried to breathe in the sudden scent of male that surrounded her, exciting her in a way she couldn't explain.

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