Yes, I'm still stuck on this. I need your help. I have decided to go with a pen name for my new excursion into homoerotica, and I'd love it if you'd help me decide on a new name. I've listed some of the possibilities that I have come up with below. Please consider them and let me know which one you like, or would grab your attention on a cover, or even if it's 'none of the above.' A couple of them I really like, but I'm afraid they're a little too cutsie. On the other hand, to me they evoke a little humor, and anyone who has read anything I've written knows that very often there is going to be humor, no matter how black, and dark the story. How do names with obvious 'humorous' bents strike you? Silly, or cool?

Here's my list so far, please also feel free to make your own suggestions:

Izzy Dead (kind of a play on a much loved old Monty Python skit)
Isaiah Demon
Izzy Shadows
Shadow Tyme (really kind of like this one, but along with a couple others, not sure if it is too 'cute'.)
Isaiah Shadows
Rayn Shadows.
T. L. Chevre (that word has nothing to do with chills, or shivers, but it sounds like it does. LOL... then again, it actually means 'goat' in French, so I'm not sure it's a good choice overall.)

I haven't even decided if I want it to be a masculine or feminine name (as you can tell by the list. LOL)