If you would like to be a blog host for any of my touring authors. Feel free to let me know and send me your email address. This is how I work with my hosts -
1-when I need hosts, I send information to my mailing list about the author and the book to see who is interested and to find blogs that will work with that book
2 - if the host is interested, they let me know
3 - hosts either work up 5-10 questions for the touring author about their book and their background or
4 - hosts can ask the touring author to write a short guest post about some topic - promotion, setting, characters, villains, plotting, the writing process - anything
5 - we find a date for you to host the author
6 - the evening before you are scheduled, you post the interview and some info about the book on your blog
7 - I post the author's schedule, and I promote each tour stop on a number of blogs and each of these will have your blog address - so you get exposure and links back to your blog --- both good things for you

Any questions let me know

Nikki Leigh