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    I'm not sure if I've used them. I have tried to sign up for them but not sure if I'm doing the correct thing.
    Hi Dee

    Good to see you

    These were the instructions in case you missed them -

    Go to
    In the top right corner you will see "My Account" if you have an account, if you don't have an account, you need to register for an account
    Once you have the account set up - go to "My Account" and one of the options is "Alerts" - click there
    The box come up to create an alert - enter your search term in the first block - put names in quotes or phrases in quotes. I use "comprehensive" and "daily" - that will make sense when you open the page
    Click to create and you can add another alert.
    On that same page - near the center of the page, you will see "manage alerts" - click there and you will see a page with all of your alerts.
    Each day (if you chose daily) - you will receive an email with links to search results that contain your google alert terms.

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    Wow...Thanks Nikki You're giving me so much help! Got the Google Alerts going. Dee
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