I love riding roller coasters. Not wooden ones, mind you, just the metal ones that will flip, dip, twist, and loop. Last spring, I went to Great Adventure, Six Flags park near me in Jackson, NJ. It was a special all coaster night. Which for the coaster lover that I am was totally awesome. I'm sure you're wondering where the heck I'm going with this and what it has to do with reviews. Well, I got to thinking, "A dangerous past time. I know.". Getting reviewed is a little like riding roller coasters to my way of thinking. For example, at this all coaster night I got to ride Kingda Ka. If you're not familiar with it's the worlds tallest, fastest roller coaster. There's not much to it, but what there is is intense. I remember waiting in line to ride this thing. Looking at the track, excitement and nerves tangling in my stomach. Then it was my turn and I get in the car and lock on the safety harness, "What are you thinking" screaming in my head. Then you leave the station house and you're at the point of no return, being launched into the sky.

Having your book sent to reviewers is a bit like this. You've got all of this anticipation and nerves as you check the net to see if reviews have been posted. You're sitting there thinking you must be crazy subjecting yourself to potential ridicule. Then you get reviewed and it can be as exciting as riding Kingda Ka or it can be like riding the Superman rollercoaster where all I could think was get me off of this thing now. I'm going to be sick.

For me my first review fell in the Kingda Ka category. I was so thrilled and excited to get 5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews. It makes you feel really good to know that people are reading and enjoying your creation. Now, I get to post this cool little graphic on my website.

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I know that not all reviews will be great and that I'll have some that make me feel the same way the Superman Ride did, but 5 Angels isn't a bad way to start. ChampagneParty