I love to read. I started out as a reader before becoming interested in writing and still read a lot to keep up with market trends. My love for reading is still as strong as ever.

I thought I'd start a thread and mention some of the books I've particularly enjoyed. Mostly I read romance but sometimes I journey into mystery or thriller territory.

My first recommendation is Blood Ties by Lori Armstrong. Blood Ties is a mystery featuring Julie Collins. Julie is tough, she drinks and swears. She likes sex, and she comes to the story with a lot of baggage. Her half brother is part Lakota and she's devastated at his death. Others have been murdered and no one is investigating the crimes because of their Native American heritage. Then a white girl is murdered and Julie becomes involved in the investigation.

On paper Julie should be an unlikeable character. She's not. She's tough and tenacious and complex. There's a definite chemistry between Julie and her friend Kevin.

There are two more mysteries in this series. I'm waiting for book 2 to arrive and imagine I'll devour it as quickly as I read Blood Ties. Lori has done an awesome job with Blood Ties. It's a riveting read.