Strippers? The forum used to have strippers, and I MISSED it? Were there guys? Were they cute?

Hey, it's only 8:54 a.m. here in Central Time, and already you've got my mind in the gutter...

Seriously, though, thanks for stopping by! And yes, I've got those excerpts you asked about! There's one for Nature's Pentacle at the bottom of my buy link. And I have links to excerpts for both Nature's Pentacle and Strange Sabbats, and lots more, up on my website books page.

Let me know what you think!

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Hi Eden.

I'm S.J. but most folks just call me crazy...

I'm one of your neighbours a little bit lower down in the author list (answers to S.J.Willing and always willing to be friends.)

So, you got any excerpts and stuff I can peek at. Not that I'm nosy like, but someone stole the CTR strippers and it's been a bit boring here lately