Walking, waiting,
feeling the dew drop rain
fall warmly.
Soft shoulders bared,
two lovers, naked
lying in sweet scented grass
calling love cries
to the silent
empty vale.

Subtle blend of flesh
on green,
Soft breast, feeling
sun touched cool in
the northern breeze as tongue
crimps around the nipple
engorged, erect.
Hands feel, slow moving
teasing secret places
holding, stroking
kissing mouths,
lips gleaming, soft

Penetrating, hard
and thrusting, rhythyms
beat, with lust for life
breathing, panting,
perspiration glinting and shining
breasts, inflamed with
constant teasing,
mouth, tongue ravished,
beating hard,
thrusting filled with giant
sword of flesh,
the time,
the sense of
ever building,

Then squirting
filling, relieving
needing none
but else
and that was blest.