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    Do you get confused when someone says to private message them when you don't know how to? Well this should help you become a pro at it in no time.

    There are three ways you can private message someone. The first way is to click on the Notifications link in the Coffee Time Romance & More page header (it should look like this):

    Once there if you look over to the left hand side of the page you should see My Messages in a green header.

    As you can see in the above picture there is the option Send New Message. Click on that and it will take you to the screen pictured below. Here you will have to type in the recipents username in the top box.

    Don't forget to put a title in the title box, then post your message and click submit message.

    The second way is to click the UserName of the person that you want to private message. You should see these options:

    Then you just need to move down to send a private message and click on it. This way you already have the name in the recipient name box and all you have to do is put a title for your message in and your message and click submit.

    The last way is by going to the person's profile and under their user name and avatar is the Send Private Message option. Just click that and follow the directions above when you are taken to the next page.
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