June 2008

Galenorn En/Visions

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This midmonth newsletter is to inform you about some exciting contests I've got going, about the revamping of my website, and to remind you (if you need reminding) that Dragon Wytch's release is only nine days away!
First-DRAGON WYTCH comes out in NINE DAYS! I'm so excited-and nervous, and hoping everybody likes it. I've been doing a DRAGON WYTCH Countdown on my blog-with interviews with Smoky, Iris, Menolly (and Delilah and Camille to come) and contests.
Second-my husband and I have revamped my site and it's gorgeous and much easier to navigate. If you had any internal links to my site listed in your postings, those have probably changed. I always encourage people to just post links to the front of the site because of that.
Third-you'll notice my main blog is now on my site. This replaces the blogger version, and I'm mirroring it to both MySpace and Live Journal. There's an RSS feed on my blog if you want to subscribe.
Fourth-I'm guest blogging over at Fresh Fiction on the 26th if anybody is interested in taking a peek. And I'll be guest blogging at Simply Romance Reviews on July 7th.

Fifth-the reviews of DRAGON WYTCH have been fantastic. What reviewers are saying:

"All great stories must have great heroes and heroines. With Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld Series, [Dragon Wytch] is no exception. In her books, you enter a world of wonder, danger, whimsy, suspense, sensuality and action...This book is a great ride, and the destination is well worth the wait." Bitten By Books

"Holy smokes people, this book rocked my socks off!! OMG it was amazing!...Absolutely incredible story-weaving...I was completely drawn in to the lives, loves and major events in the world of the D'Artigo sisters..." Sidhe Vicious Raves & Rants

"Galenorn never sacrifices the emotional life of her characters for action, and she never flags on the action...She makes us love her characters, root for them, become them, and never want to leave." A Biblio Paradise

"As always, Galenorn has a gift for making the family work while dealing with all sorts of supernatural problems and still making you pay attention to what's for dinner. The characters at this point become old friends to the reader and whether you are fighting a battle or with them as they take care of their baby gargoyle you are firmly entrenched in the story. This is the kind of series that even those who do not care for the supernatural will find a very good read." Affaire de Coeur, ***** 5 Stars, Reviewer's Choice

"...Galenorn cleverly reveals her plot threads in the latest Otherworld offering...Action and sexy sensuality make this book hot to the touch." Romantic Times, 4 Stars: ****

"Ms. Galenorn writes spell binding stories that keep you on the edge of your seats as well as reaching for a cold glass of water. This is one series where I cannot wait to see what happens next!" CoffeeTime Romance Reviews

"If you're looking for an out of this world enchanting tale of magic and passion, DRAGON WYTCH is the story for you. I will be recommending this wickedly bewitching tale to everyone I know!" Dark Angel Reviews

"Ms. Galenorn's writing style is amazing and I am definitely going to have to go back and read the rest of the series. Sexy, intriguing, and full of sass. Ms. Galenorn pens a winner! 4.5 Hearts" Book reviews by Crystal

And lastly: CONTESTS!!!
I have a whole tangle of fun contests going this month, and you're welcome to enter them all. A number of them take place on my blog. Go to the blog and click on Blog Contests on the sidebar and it will bring all of them up. You may enter each one once-follow directions, please. Among them, you'll find:
  • A contest for a complete set of the Chintz 'n China books (including-yes-Legend of the Jade Dragon), autographed to you or the person of your choice.
  • A contest for a Maggie or Smoky poster-your choice.
  • A contest for two wonderful books-a copy of Good Faeries, Bad Faeries by Brian Froud and a copy of The Great Book of Dragon Patterns by Lorna Irish.
  • There will also be a contest for a copy of the first three books in my Otherworld Series going up in a few days.
In my forums (and yes, you need to register to enter, but registration is free), my cover artist Tony Mauro and I have a cover art contest going.

Other contests I have going on around the net:
  • I've got a contest going on at Fresh Fiction. You can win a $25 Barnes & Noble card there.
  • Sidhe Vicious interviewed me and has a contest going on until June 30th for a signed copy of Darkling.
  • I've got two contests going on over at Coffee Time Romance & More, both for a complete set of the first three Otherworld books. One here and the other here
  • Justine Greene, a very delightful woman, has set up a fan page for me on Facebook and she is now the president of my Official Fan Club. As a thank you to everybody who has joined and will be joining, one winner who's a member of the Facebook fan page will receive a copy of the first three books. Drawing will be on July 2nd.
  • On June 30th, Jackie Kessler's character Jezebel will be interviewing my character Camille on her Cat and Muse program. ~grins~ Leave a comment and you'll have a chance to win a set of the first three books, signed.

So you can see, I've been busy! And that's not including my writing. I signed the contracts for the novella (calling it ETCHED IN SILVER) and it will come out in January 2009 in the INKED anthology.
Well, I think that's about it. I can't think of anything else for the moment so I'll leave you be and talk to you in July! Happy reading.

This newsletter lovingly brought to you by Coffee Time Romance & More