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Hi S.J. and everyone else who got here ahead of me...I'm Jamaican, and still sometimes go on Jamaica Time (the basic equation being the last to arrive and the last to leave, usually with a drink still in hand, thanking you for breakfast) even though I now live in the Frozen North. I just got my issue of the Samhellion and when I saw this being advertised, I HAD to high tail it over here and check it out. S.J. always makes me laugh on the loops etc.

Talk about fortuitous circumstances...I'm in the process of working on a humorous story, and I'm not quite sure it's working out. A friend also wants to collorate with me on a novel that really will depend on humour to work out, and I'm shaking in my boots. Hmmm, could it be because most of my books lean toward darkness, rather than light???

Running off to read the first two lessons. Thanks for doing this S.J.!
YW Anya, and thanks for coming over. The Samhellion ad eh. Hah! selling my soul did work

Humor writing is the hardest form of writing there is. So don't lose heart if it doesn't fall into place immediately. It can be learned but sometimes you have to work a little harder at it. And feel free to sling any questions at me you like, I'm almost always available--just don't tell the wife that.

I wouldn't like to say I've totally mastered the comic side of writing, let's just say I've been writing humor for thirty years, and upset enough people, dodged enough lynch mobs and bribed enough executioners to have a good idea when it doesn't work. So I'll answer your questions the best that I can.