Hey everyone.

This is the phase of the seminar when everyone looks around and says “Who the Hell is that guy?” So why don’t we spend a few minutes just tossing back the beers, margaritas and brandies and chat a little bit about ourselves. Go on, you know it will feel good. It will also help me figure out how much experience everyone has in the humor game and allow me to fine tweak (if fine tweaking is a usable phrase) the teaching aspect of it. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to make your intro funny, just let me know how much you’ve been involved in writing humor. i.e is this is your first time, middle time, last time, etc…)

Just so’s you know a little bit about me here’s my intro below.

I write as S.J. Willing and S.J. Hundak. Under my Willing moniker I’ve got two publications under my belt in the form of the PIACT Undercover Agent Series, (Cyberius III and Poseidon VII.) I write Science Fiction romance which is rather spicy, not too humorous but there is, if you look, some odd lighthearted moments in there. I also write the many Agent Double D.3 reports that are bumping around the net, as well as a regular humor column in The Brass Spectacle magazine. With my Hundak moniker I’ve written several novels including a farcical parody of fantasy entitled Huw’s the Hero, which is in the final beta-ready-to-go-to-publisher stage. And I am a co-author for a cute SF comedy entitled Space Burps which is nearing completion. Nothing in the SF world, alas, published yet—but soon, my precious, soon…

I’m happily married, no kids, four cats and a dog, a live-in granny, MIL and an emerald swimming pool that is warm enough to swim in for three weeks of the year. I was born in England and have lived in America now for eight years and haven’t been able to swim back, mainly because my wife keeps catching me. My main claim to humor is being the one who, at the convention parties, runs around the room in pink frilly underwear and a hockey mask shouting the “The Russians are coming!” whenever they bring a vodka martini into the room.

I’m giving this Seminar for free and without duress because I love you guys and gals and want to share my knowledge and experience with you. Not to mention as soon as it’s over Karenne will gladly remove the manacles.

So come on in, shake hands and tell us all a little bit about yourselves. Make yourselves comfy and the lessons will begin.