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Yikes, S.J. You're making me really THINK??? Okay, from the list (or working sort of in and around the list) I lean toward a combination of the first four, Character, Situational, Slapstick and Snarky. I know, too much, huh? I recently wrote a scene that got the job done from a plot point of view, but wondered if it hadn't gone too far into slapstick territory to be really funny...there were some physical pratfalls central to the eventual resolution. And no, S.J. this one isn't erotic...

As for readers, I would like to appeal to people with the same sometimes silly sense of humour I have, where the humour comes from those everyday things (or the occasionally extraordinary thing) that make you go 'Huh???' and then you have to choose whether you're gonna laugh, or cry.

Cool Anya, really great to see ya here.

It's nice that you use so many types as it gives the reader variety. Written slapstick, though, is really the hardest to do. I avoid it myself, if I can, because I've read so many attempts in novels that made me feel a bit embarrassed for the writer. When it's done perfectly though, it's brilliant. I'll talk more about it later as I've dedicated a whole lesson to slapstick, suffice to say for now I've found with slapstick that less is more. Just give a few highpoints of the action and let the reader fill in the rest for themselves.