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    Default New, Improved and Updated Beauty and the Beast

    Okay so this started out on SJ's poll page (you know the one where you're supposed to vote so he'll have to have his picture taken in the pink negligee) but stemmed from the April Fool's joke Samhain pulled - they were going to have their first cover with total male nudity and SJ would be the cover model. Yes I know, scarey.

    Anyway that has evolved into a remake of Beauty and the Beast with some twists.

    SJ will be playing the Beast, who is actually the female character
    Johnny Depp will play Beauty who of course is the male character (and boy is he male ) .

    Personally I think the movie will be better if Johnny Depp appears nude throughout the whole movie and as for SJ, well I think it would be best if he stayed hidden behind a mirror that was reflecting a naked Johnny Depp. And being the loving wife that I am, I can't force SJ to do a love scene, and there will be many, with another man so I will be his stand in for those scenes. *sigh* The things I'll do for love.

    Anyway, Bec didn't want to be left out so the Beast is acquiring a sister (Bec) who will scarifice her body to save her sister from Beauty's friends, played by James Marsden and David Boreanaz, who come to kill the Beast to save Beauty. Bec's character of course will make them forget why they came to the castle.

    There will of course be a HEA - Beauty will run off with me, Bec's character will continue making Beauty's friends forget why they came to the castle. And Beast, well we have to let SJ have a HEA too so he'll be seen dancing off into the sunset with Mildred.

    That being said, who else wants to be in the movie and what (and who) do you want your character to do?
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