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    Xwriter Just Because

    Got hit by the poetic tonight. So, hey, why should I be the only one to suffer. You guys get to share too.

    Just Because..

    Just because…
    Your hair so silken, flowing gloss, that gleams in morning’s sun
    With colors rich and subtle tones touched here, and woven there
    Locks so soft, and delicate that through my fingers glide
    While you sleep, sweet gentle love, in dreams without a care.

    Just because…
    With lips so pure, and blushed with pink I’d crown them with a kiss
    And share your breath, your quiet sounds, and come to love them more
    With you beside me, in silent sleep, I watch and listen still
    My heart steel bound, and cast to you, my thoughts in love and awe.

    Just because…
    Your face so full of innocence, with trust and sleep’s embrace
    I lay and watch, and I sup my fill on your exquisite beauty
    I will not wake such poignant scenes, nor mar contented dreams
    But know this now, I honor you, but not due to vows and duty.

    Just because…
    There’s no one else who could move me more to love as much as you
    I’m bound with soul, and snared with need, to never wander far
    Would I escape? I fathom not, there’s nowhere I could be
    Than by your side, and with you now, awaiting the morning star.

    All this and more, I pledge to you because…

    Just because…

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