My special guest today is Christina Phillips. Iíve stolen Christinaís bio directly from her website because it made me smile, and I think youíll enjoy it. Here it is:
Born in the UK, I met my very own hero when I was just fifteen, was married at twenty and we went on to have three delightful (well theyíre delightful most of the timeÖ) children. To get me through my driving test after baby #2 was born, I wrote a couple of romances to keep my mind off reversing round corners. It turned out to be a very good diversionary tactic but unfortunately the writing sucked and all I received in the mail were form rejections from Mills & Boon (I did pass my driving test though, so there was some method in my madness).

I jacked in the writing lark, since with two toddlers and two jobs I was too knackered to think of anything else! But in the back of my mind, the bug stayed. And grew. Like it does.

Fast forward a few yearsÖ add another babyÖ and we emigrated to Australia. Once all the excitement had settled down, the writing bug came back with a vengeance and I decided that this time Iíd stick with it.

Iím now writing paranormal romances, which have always been my first love although it took me way too many years to see the light (I remember the first thing I sent M&B after moving to Oz was about a fallen angelÖ!!)
Today Christina is talking about her adventures as an aspiring author.

Thank you Shelley for inviting me to guest blog today! And I have to say I love the title of this post. It sounds so exciting and immediately conjures exotic images of shimmering deserts, fluttering silken scarves (donít ask) and hot brooding heroes. In reality, my adventures are confined inside my very weird mind as I spend hours hunched over my keyboard, squinting at the monitor, in an attempt to bring my fantasy world to life.

So, fantasy world aside, why did I start writing when the odds are so stacked against new writers signing that elusive contract? I guess itís because when I started writing, aged about six, things like that didnít even occur to me, and later on Ė when they did Ė I was so addicted to the whole I-Am-The-Goddess-of-My-Own-Universe thing I couldnít stop even if I wanted to.

The first time an editor took an interest in my writing way back when I first started, I was thrilled. She loved the concept and worked hard with me to polish that story until it glittered. We got to contract stage Ė and then the company went into liquidation.

A few months later my writing caught the eye of an editor at Harlequin Mills &Boon. Whoo-hoo! OMG yes I was really on my way now! I was obviously going to be a millionaire by Christmas *cough cough*

After working with me on a couple of projects, this lovely editor left the company. My work was passed onto another editor, who also subsequently left the company.

Hmm. In the meantime, I subbed a short story to Arabella, a US romance magazine. Within weeks, they went into liquidation.

It was about this time I started to feel just a bit paranoid. Was somebody trying to tell me something here?!

Sometimes, when I look at all the rejections Iíve had over the years on various queries, partials, fulls and revisions, I wonder why on earth I keep going. I mean, whatís the point putting myself through this particular brand of torture time after time?

So every now and then I put my writing on the back burner, or even try and forget about it altogether. Doesnít last very long though. Within days I start getting twitchy and bad tempered and before long Iím back at the computer, itching to plunge into a new world of my creation.

The truth is, Iím addicted to the huge rush of adrenalin I get whenever Iím immersed in a story. The way I canít get those characters out of my head, no matter what else Iím doing at the time Ė and this isnít such a Good Thing when youíre driving on the freeway, thatís for sure! Burnt dinners are par for the course at my house (my family have long given up complaining about that!), ironing is an alien concept and dust bunnies rule.

Then of course thereís the high I get when I receive positive feedback from agents and editors, which is enough to keep me going on yet another project. Best of all are the wonderful friends Iíve made through the writing communities over the last few years, especially my amazing critique partners who are very handy with both whips and chocolate whenever the need arises!

Christina Phillips

Aspiring Romance Writer who has tried writing category romance, first person chick lit, light paranormal, erotic romance and dark paranormal. As they say in Galaxy Quest: Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Christina has both a blog and website for you to visit. Authors, make sure you check out her article on finding an agent.